Our Services

Since our opening in 2015, we have been helping organizations look at childcare from another perspective: A way to attract and retain female talent as well as creating workspaces and events with parents in mind.


We believe that the key to career and life success is achieved by providing better work environments.. We are passionate about creating work environments with moms and dads live’s in mind. With more than 4 years of experience, we can guide your organization on how to bust the myth that children cannot be present at a conference or live event. Diversify your attendance by providing childcare!

Office Childcare

We design and set up the kids’ space in office spaces. Our model offers a creative and safe environment for children 3 months to 4 years old. Children get to learn and develop motor, cognitive, and social skills through a play. They are supervised by experienced and trained staff. Parents have a piece of mind knowing that their children are in proximity while they are working.


We help companies cultivate work environments that support parents. We do this by either setting up/designing a kids’ space, recruiting childcare givers, desigining strategies to better their employee benefit program and providing tools to help attract and retain female talent. This consulting services is ideal for forward thinking organizations.

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