Our team has launched a new coworking space

with on-site childcare in Glendale, CA. 

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Office + On-Site Childcare

We design and set up the kids’ space in your office which offers a creative and safe environment for children starting at 3 months old.

Children get to learn and develop motor, cognitive, and social skills through a play, all while being supervised by experienced and trained staff at all times.

What’s the best part? Parents have a piece of mind knowing that their children are in proximity while they are working.



Plan of Activitites


Group Activities


Nursing Area

Cognitive Activities

Early Child Development

Napping Area

Trained Staff

Motor Skills



Strategic Partnerships


Collab&Play partners with other like-minded organizations and collaboratively join efforts to increase support systems for the working parents.

The Family Room, a resource center providing education + community to expecting parents and young families, also supports parents in the workplace. The Family Room @Work is dedicated to helping companies ease the transition for parents as they prepare for parenthood, return from parental leave, and beyond.

Shift provides active, embodied, and dialogue-based workshops customized to your company or organization. Topics are addressed on a systematic and individual level that will challenge the way you contribute and affect change within your own workspaces and subcultures. Their work will create a strong foundation for your communities and businesses to thrive. Services include Diversity & Inclusion Training, Sexual Harassment Prevention and Consulting.

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