What we are all about


The Community

We are a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners to help them thrive in their professional and personal life. We send a monthly newsletter announcing all of our events and workshops, be sure to sign up for that!

Our Space

Our location has a comfortable workspace with all the perks many coworking spaces offer (wi-fi, complimentary coffee/tea -sorry no beer here-, printing). Parents are able to get their work done in the company of like-minded people, be part of a community and even grow their network.

Why are we so special?

Because we not only focus on providing a comfortable workspace for the adults, we also provide a supervised play area for the little ones. Our staff is background checked, CPR trained, and love to work with children. We provide supervision from 3 months to 3 years old. At Collab&Play, your children not only they get to play, they also get to learn various skills while having fun. We offer classes to members and non-members: Parent & Me, Music Classes in Spanish, Gymnastic classes, helpful workshops for parents and professionals.  


We are an alternative to daycare

We are here to provide more options to working parents

At Collab&Play

  • You are steps away from your child
  • Less separation anxiety
  • Flexible times
  • Affordable plans

Like in Daycare

  • Comfortable environment for children
  • Focus on proper child development
  • Daily scheduled activities
  • Children learn through play

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