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The Community

We are building a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners to help them thrive in their professional and personal life. We send a monthly newsletter announcing all of our events and workshops, be sure to sign up for that!

Our Space

Our location has a comfortable workspace with all the perks many co-working spaces offer (wi-fi, complimentary coffee/tea -sorry no beer here-, printing). Parents are able to get their stuff done in the company of like-minded people, be part of a community and even grow their network.

Why are we so special?

Because we not only focus on providing a comfortable workspace for the adults, we also provide a supervised play area for the little ones. Our staff is background checked, CPR trained, and love to work with children. We provide supervision from 3 months to 4 years old. At Collab&Play, your children not only they get to play, they also get to learn various skills while having fun. We offer classes to members and non-members: Parent & Me, Music Classes in Spanish, Gymnastic classes, helpful workshops for parents and professionals.  


We are an alternative to daycare

We are here to provide more options to working parents

At Collab&Play

  • You are steps away from your child
  • Less separation anxiety
  • Flexible times
  • Affordable plans

Like in Daycare

  • Comfortable environment for children
  • Focus on proper child development
  • Daily scheduled activities
  • Children learn through play

Community Guidelines


We value each member and every child. Our hope is that the shared space is equally accommodating to all members regardless of how they utilize the co-working space.

Collaboration is our buzzword! We want to ask each member to collaborate with us as we keep our space tidy, convenient, and welcoming to community members (whether they are an entrepreneur, toddler, and/or napper).


Co-Working Space

We encourage you to make your business calls. Please use your inside voice and headphones during the call. No speaker phone, please.

We encourage you to make room at the table for another co-working member. Be polite, move your bag.

Don’t forget to return our pens, pencils, headphones, or chargers. We will invoice you for the electronics.

Kitchenette Usage

We welcome you to coffee, tea, and water. We welcome you to bring your own food and place it in the fridge. Please remove your food by Friday, the refrigerator is cleaned out each week.

We invite our members to use our coffee mugs, plates, and utensils. Please clean your dishes after use.

Kid’s Space

For babies and toddlers 3 months to 4 years old.

A daily schedule can help your child obtain proper development skills while having fun playing.

Parents can pop in to the children’s space at any time during the session (no shoes please).

We welcome you to spend some time getting your child settled in, especially if they have separation anxiety, is teething, or just woke up from a nap.

If your child cries, it helps them develop trust in us if you let us handle the situation. We will be sure to get you if needed.

Children should remain in the Kid’s Space. Exception: if you are bringing your child to the restroom.

Nursing members are welcome to do so in the Kid’s Space.

If your child has a hard time napping, please consider leaving and returning after nap time.

When you come in for a cuddle, to nurse, or to play, please be mindful of the sleeping babies.

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1800 S. Brand Blvd, #103, Glendale, CA, 91204

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818 649 1253


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