Collab&Play Consulting Service for Companies

We believe that the key to career and life success is achieved by providing better work environments.

We are passionate about creating work environments with moms and dads live’s in mind.

We tested for almost three years how it is possible to have on-site childcare in an office setting without being disruptive.

Want true inclusion and diversity? Start by making on-site childcare a reality for your organization.

Significant benefits of offering on-site childcare at your office

Foster diversity and inclusion

Promotes female talent attraction and retention

Encourages work/life balance

Improve overall employee morale

Increase revenue

Significantly reduced turnover costs

Consulting Service for Coworking + Childcare

Are you thinking about opening a coworking space with childcare?

Have you already opened and want to learn how to grow your business?

We can help!

* Community Building

* Marketing your space

* Branding

* Programming

* Creating Strategic Partnerships

* Business Development

* Customer Engagement

* Leadership & Team Building

You can pick our brains or ask specific questions

Please contact us to inquire about our consulting services.

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