Introducing Work-Life Balance Coaching for Parents


We are excited to start a group and individual coaching program for those busy parents that are looking to find more balance in life.

Group Sessions: program will start soon! Fill out the registration form below to save your spot.

If you cannot attend the group session, you will be able to participate online via Google Hangouts.

Individual Sessions: will be scheduled with each participant. These sessions will be over the phone or via Google Hangouts.

If you can relate to any of these three situations, this program would be perfect for you:



You are thinking about having a child and want to make changes in your professional life before baby comes.

New “Corporate” Parent

You are in a corporate job and now pregnant, you are thinking it is very unlikely you can continue this career path. You want to have more flexibility, manage your own schedule (goodbye to the 9 to 5!). You have skills but not sure what kind of business you would like to create.

New  Parent

You just had a baby! You are realizing that you do not want to go back to work just yet. Need an income and/or want to work but not sure if you would like to do the same kind of work. You want to change your current lifestyle and have a career/profession that is more suitable for you and your family.


Register below if you are interested in participating. Questions? Email us at

Group Sessions Starting in September 2017

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