A few months ago, The Today Show shared a story about how in certain offices you can actually bring your baby to work every day. You should watch this story here.

Although this is a step towards creating a welcoming and supportive work environment for parents, I can’t help but disagree with some of the concepts laid out in this story.

I believe is imperative to especially support those nursing moms and give them the chance to continue to breastfeed when they return to work. For example, organizations could work with their employee by allowing them a flexible schedule and by allowing them to come in with their newborns for a few hours a couple of times a week. This would give the employee an opportunity to ease back into work and reconnect with their coworkers while also being able to stay close to the baby during the first months.

But a full day of work with a baby going from a baby rocker to a crib to a lap to another coworker’s lap… please don’t! Infants need one on one attention, cuddles, tummy time, time on their back, connection and all this can be done when you combine a caregiver and an appropriate child setting.

That is why Collab&Play believes so much in on-site childcare being a great alternative, especially if your organization has more than one parent with an infant. A caregiver can be with the baby while mom or dad are working. The parents can be at ease knowing that their little one is being well taken care of while they work, but most importantly, knowing that they are close.

As a woman that experienced becoming a mother while being in corporations, I know how the level of support you receive from the organization and colleagues can either propel or detriment your career advancement.

Collab&Play, at its core, exists to support parents and their children. We can create and set up a wonderful temporary space that can be used for on-site childcare, we can staff with caregivers that truly believe in our mission and love working with children, and we can help you craft a set of solutions for your company that will create an incredible work environment with parents in mind. We are just an email away: info@collabandplay.com