Collab&Play had a blast at Sundance Film Festival 2018. We are grateful to have partnered with Moms-in-Film a 2018 In-Kind Supporter of Sundance. We were located downstairs in the Park City Community Church.

We provided childcare to filmmakers with projects in the 2018 Festival and to Sundance Staff. By providing this service we were able to provide families with opportunities to go to their film premiers, film screenings, take meetings, have dinner, and attend the awards show.

How did we fill our days at Sundance? In between snack time, naps, and trips to the potty, we had dance parties, walked the red carpet, played with trains (so many trains), and engaged in general silliness.

The children had a blast, made new friends, and got to enjoy Sundance in a space that was meant for them to play.

Testimonials from Parents

I’m so glad that childcare is being offered at film festivals! What an amazing service, enabling moms and dads in film to bring their families along and know that their children are in good hands while they are doing what they need to do!!

Basecamp, offered by Collab & Play through Moms In Film was a truly game changing experience for my family. Working filmmakers and industry professionals are so often put in a position to choose between career and family, especially at festivals, markets and productions, and it was so amazing to be able to rely on quality caregivers to be with our son while we attend to our necessary work and professional development at the Sundance Film Festival. This is such a vital service, and the quality of care was nothing short of fantastic. Put simply, quality care at events like Sundance is necessary for the inclusion of all working parent/artists and I would strongly advocate for similar services at any festival/production. Thank you!!

Interested in having childcare at your event? Email us at Collab&Play.