Collab&Play is going to Sundance! We are partnering with Moms-in-Film who will be a 2018 In-Kind Supporter of Sundance Film Festival. Together we will provide free childcare services to filmmakers and artists with projects in the 2018 Festival Program.

Moms-in-Film strive to make the entertainment industry more parent friendly. The harsh reality is that most of childcare needs fall on moms. Moms-in-Film advocate for more childcare options in an industry where women are sorely underrepresented as a way to encourage gender equality.

Collab&Play is lucky enough to have partnered with Moms-in-Film for one year now, when Christy Lamb one of the co-founders walked through our doors. We have hosted Moms-in-Film meetups that featured talented women such as Keirda Bahruth, Sarah Solemani, and Jennifer Dehghan. Collab&Play also provided free childcare for their Wee Wagon Project that they showcased at SXSW 2017.

Collab&Play looks forward to being an integral part of Sundance Film Festival 2018 by providing childcare to filmmakers and artists whose projects qualified. We are so very happy to participate in this amazing project propelled by Moms-in-Film. We are filled with gratitude, excitement, and strength to keep supporting causes we truly believe in.