Collab&Play opened its doors two years ago in November 2015. We have grown as a business and a team. We thought it would be nice to get some reflections from Silvana Arzeno Toledo our CEO and Founder on what two years of Collab&Play means to her.

What are you most proud of in your two years since opening?

The community that has been built around Collab&Play, from friendships to business ventures, to parent support and the team of Collab&Play.

The company was created to impact the lives of families and I truly believe we have achieved that so far. Children are buddies, parents organize playdates, moms and dads are propelling their projects from Collab&Play.

What has been your most memorable moment or event?

We have a few..all about being grateful for receiving so much from our members and the community:

  • When Magen asked about joining Collab&Play (with Arielle) YAY Team Jennings
  • Being featured in CBS news
  • Being featured in BBC (thank you Moms-in-Film for the shout-out)
  • Receiving the text message of a mom with her son talking about Collab&Play
  • Members offering help to promote and spread the word about our business
  • Members tearing up when asking them about giving a testimonial for us
  • Our brain-intense but fun team meetings
  • The daily hugs from our babies
  • Finding the amazing teachers we have today
  • Seeing our great Yelp Reviews
  • Going to a business retreat in Oregon with Arielle
  • SXSW and hanging out with Moms-in-Film team

What is your vision for the future of Collab&Play

Collab&Play is planning to relocate in the near future to provide additional services. We want to expand our business to other cities, so we are offering a license program for people that love what we do and want to bring Collab&Play near by them.

We are also working on launching a parent’s incubator program in 2018 (the first incubator program in LA that will offer childcare!). Parents that want to launch their own business will have an opportunity to receive training, resources and access to funding. More exciting information soon!

Any accomplishments of the last year you would like to highlight?

  • We provided 5000 hrs of childcare!!!! Lots of cuddling and reading.
  • We partnered up with Moms-in-Film and ran a mobile childcare at SXSW 2017 in Austin, TX!
  • We provided childcare at our first conference: Wonder Women in Tech, in Long Beach and proved that we are needed in events like this.

Thoughts on what two years of Collab&Play means to you?

I am just grateful to be surrounded by incredible people. Our efforts to create an environment that positively impacts the lives of the families we serve, are being appreciated by the constant support. As a new business and unique model, we have gone through a lot of changes, and we have received nothing other than support from the parents.

I am forever grateful for the team that is around me, without them, this dream would not be possible. The effort, commitment and passion that Magen, Arielle, Tania, Alisa and Serene devote to Collab&Play brings forward a great service to the community and their families.