Meet Bob Christian:

Bob is our featured member of the month. He works in social media and produces video content for brands and destinations.

How long have you been a member?

I feel like I’ve been a member ever since I’ve been a Dad, but looking back I guess it’s just been about a year.  We were having trouble working at home and keeping up with Augustine – and the second she could really crawl – forget it.

Tell us about the work you do:

Well, actually I just left my job as a Brand Manager for the Redondo Beach Tourism Bureau this month.  So a big part of my ‘worklife’ is changing – or, rather, the content creation part of my job is taking over more of my life – sorta like the Blob.
  •  I produce 2D and 360 video content for brands and destinations – this could be anything from a 30 second social video on Facebook to a 5 minute immersive experience for trade shows. I love doing this work, I just wish I could find a mac that loved the work as much as I do.
  • I write and perform music under the name Chattavon Bratts.  I’ve actually been using the ‘after-hours’ benefit of Collab&Play to have a late night quite place that I can be loud, and it’s been working out great.  I’ve got a show this month and will be able to play some material that I created around midnight at C&P.
  • I manage my own social media account (instagram @CivilMatador) as well as other brands and destinations. If you ever see me just staring at a screen like a zombie but somehow still hitting buttons on my computer – that’s when I’m doing a but ‘social media updates session’.  While the day to day updating on a bunch of platforms may not be my most favorite thing, I LOVE talking social media practice and theory – I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking about it.

What is your best piece of advice you would like to share? 

For parents:
  • the horseback rides at Griffith Park are a huge win.
  • Lemon Tree restaurant in Korea Town is magical
  • if you’re in a bind – apparently a 23 month old can live off of goldfish and red-cap pouches
For everyone else:
  • Live in a Blue State.

When not at Collab&Play, how are you most likely spending your time? 

Working.  I love the work I do.  It’s everything I built my life around.  Our home office is literally awash in music and production gear – I have to clean it up ’cause right now there’s just a trail to the computer and a trail to the daybed.

Share some fun facts about yourself

  • Too often my e-mail inbox becomes a list of “suggested reading”.
  • If I could have any superpower – it would be to pause time (flying is obviously a close second)
  • For all the travel I do – I’m not a big fan of travel.  However, I married a girl who has pushed me to have some of the most amazing  experiences of my life – (? = @Vagabond3)
  • *psst :: Also, my lips aren’t as red as they look.