Meet Paige Padgett:

Paige is our featured member of the month. Paige is a makeup artist, green beauty expert and authored The Green Beauty Rules. Additionally, she is co-founder of Civilized Cosmetics, a non-toxic plant based and vegan color brand. She also offers online green beauty courses on her website Paige has been with Collab&Play since March.

Tell us about the work you do:

I began working with natural beauty products more than a decade ago after hearing Ten Americans a talk by Environmental Working Group’s Founder Ken Cook and discovering that traditional cosmetics are made with harmful ingredients. At that moment, I was committed to lessening my body burden and personal care products (PPC) in the environment so I greened my beauty routine and my professional makeup kits. In my industry this was unheard of. As a professional makeup artist green beauty simply wasn’t glamorous. So I was determined to “make green glamorous’. I felt frustrated with the lack of glamour, color and luxury in natural brands. I wanted a high fashion brand with bold color. I developed Civilized Cosmetics to fill that void. A brand committed to non-toxic, vegan prestige cosmetics. My first goal was to produce a high fashion natural and vegan liquid matte lipstick. It is the first prestige natural and vegan liquid lipstick in the US so it’s a game changer!


What is your best piece of advice you would like to share? 

It sounds trite but honestly the best advice I can give is never give up on your dreams. I have relentlessly pursued them and some dreams come to fruition sooner than others. The truly fulfilling ones often take longer but they are worth it.

When not at Collab&Play, how are you most likely spending your time? 

With my 4 year old daughter Marianna. We have a blast exploring the city together and other places. We love to take long weekends to nearby places.

Share some fun facts about yourself

I  am an adrenaline junkie. I jumped off the highest commercial bungee jump in the world in Switzerland. On my first (and last) skydiving jump I jumped solo and my parachute didn’t open properly. It only halfway deployed.