Meet Brandy Montague:

Brandy Montague is our featured member of the month. Brandy is the owner of Trendy Little Sweethearts, an eco-friendly, socially conscious apparel company.  Brandy has been with Collab & Play for 1.5 years.

Tell us about the work you do:

I design and hand-print apparel made from recycled bottles (mostly for kids, some adults and dogs). Each collection I design focuses on saving a different animal through donation and teaching children about why we save that animal (through stories and activities to do together).

Over the past six years, I’ve run various events to bring families together to help animals.  Examples include reading to shelter dogs, cats, and rabbits, walks through the park with rescued dogs, and live music events.  I’m looking for ways to create more of these events in Glendale.  So if anyone’s interested in collaborating, let me know!  😉

What is your best piece of advice you would like to share? 

Dig into whatever you spend the most time doing on a daily basis, find the aspect of that which helps someone or something have a better life.  Then focus on that as the motivation to get up every morning, do it again, and put everything you have into making it better.

When not at Collab&Play, how are you most likely spending your time? 

At home with my family, or taking leisurely walks through our neighborhood with them.  When I have free time, my favorite thing is to surf looking at cool houses all over the world.

Share some fun facts about yourself

The majority of my career has been as an engineer at Disney.  I quit my job when my fiancé (now husband) got a job offer in Japan and we moved there.  I went back to school for graphic design while we lived there and ran an organization called Animal Walk Tokyo.  Those two things combined were the beginning of what has now become Trendy Little Sweethearts.

I’m from a small town in the middle of Indiana with 1800 people called Kentland, and it is one of the coolest places ever. 😉

I’ve lived in 19 different places so far in my 38 years of life.  I’m a little bit addicted to moving and experiencing new cultures.



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