Our walls now have a splash of color on them thanks to our featured artist, Emily Dennis. Emily is showcasing some of her artwork at Collab&Play.

Emily Dennis is an artist, painter, and horticultural designer based in Atwater Village. She creates artworks for homes, businesses, events, and commercial spaces.

Emily draws upon the the natural environment — character, color, personality, tone, visual language, dimension, and emotion — to create evocative artworks that can elevate your space’s intrinsic story. Her work explores the stylistic interplay between the organic materials of our region — flowers, plants, vines, vegetation, minerals, metals, reclaimed materials — with vivid, thematic oil renderings inspired by our southwestern heritage. Emily is available for private and commercial commissions, and also offers art instruction and creative guidance to youths, adults, and those with special needs.

For any inquiries, feel free to contact Emily at emily@emilyjdennis.com

Check out her website http://emilyjdennis.com/

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