Meet Jacqueline Gabert

Jacqueline Gabert is our featured member of the month. Jacqueline has been with us since last summer, when she started bringing in her daughter while she got work done at Collab&Play.  Jacqueline is a wife, mother, and owner of IntegrativeMama.

IntegrativeMama is a company dedicated to connecting individuals and families to natural solutions through doTERRA International essential oils and supplements.  Individuals and families turn to Jacqueline when their current approach to health is not achieving the results it was supposed to, they are tired of using chemical concoctions for literally everything, they want to implement natural solutions but don’t have time to research all the options and make changes, or they just plain want to improve the overall quality of life for their family.  Jacqueline offers individual consultations that will empower you to implement essential oils immediately.

Tell us about the work you do:

I work with families and individuals to implement natural solutions into their lives. I provide business training to individuals passionate about improving wellness in their communities. I am constantly on the look-out for ways to improve my holistic (mind, body, spirit, relationships, and finances) wellness and pass on the knowledge through live classes and individual consultations.

What is your best piece of advice you would like to share? 

When it comes to your wellness, be open and flexible to trying new things.  Especially if you are a new parent.  Also, don’t be afraid to tap into promptings that come up when you are a new parent.  Personally, as a new parent, it has been a time that has opened up vulnerability touch some deeply held desires and to step out and create a better life and example for my daughter.

When not at Collab&Play, how are you most likely spending your time? 

You will likely find me one of three places:  At home or in nature with my husband and daughter, playing and learning and cooking and cleaning.  Partnering with colleagues and customers to help them grow and be well. Easing patients through the process of surgery as an Registered Nurse  at UCLA Santa Monica.

Share some fun facts about yourself:

I turned 18 while in Basic Training for the United States Army where I became a Spanish linguist.  I LOVE learning about pregnancy and parenting traditions in other cultures.  I find that it opens my eyes to my many “right” ways of parenting so that I don’t get stuck thinking my way is completely right or wrong.  I was the manager for my high school football team, so I know more about football than my husband 😉

Contact Jacqueline:



Phone: 213-330-5959

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