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When I was taking the Happy Startup School online course, I was paired up with a group of budding entrepreneurs that  were in the same time zone. This “buddy” system allowed us to host weekly calls in which we would ask for help in the topic we felt we were stuck on and also we were providing feedback to each other. Even though the group was great, I really felt connected with one of the entrepreneurs who was about to move to Seattle. Her name is Roxanne Merket and she is the founder of TextMyJournal, a unique system that prompts you texts and which through your replies you keep an online journal that can be downloaded into a PDF at a time you desire.

After the 6 week program finished, Roxanne and I decided to continue our weekly calls since we both found the constant feedback to be extremely useful. Our weekly mastermind group was then formed. Not only we continuously helped each other with our own business, we became really good friends.

When I opened Collab&Play I felt the urge of sharing this experience with other women in the community. I run several mastermind sessions and realized (during one of the sessions and with the feedback of other amazing women) that we should start a one 6-week so that the same group of women would stick together through this amazing process.

How it works? Just bring an idea, a question, share any challenges you are facing and receive feedback and support from other like-minded women. In the first session, we spend 5 min for a quick intro, then we jump right into the mastermind session. Each participant gets 10-15 min to share a question and receive feedback from the rest of the attendees. The following meetings will have a “hot seat” in which we will focus on one of the attendees, brainstorming and helping this attendee with their question and providing feedback. We rotate the “hot seat” with each participant every week, so that everyone gets a turn.

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