A few weekends ago I attended a “mompreneur” conference and a startup bootcamp. Wow…I have been able to meet amazing people in both of these events. I was quite inspired by the fact that once you surround yourself with like-minded people, the passion for collaboration increases exponentially. All of a sudden, you find yourself not only receiving advice but also giving. In these types of environments, people are not afraid to share their ideas, receive feedback, provide input and be more inspired.

Here is a recap of what I experienced in these events.

1. Mompreneur conference

This event was organized by Mommy Gateway, a company that is launching different types of events around the country, targeting moms that want to launch a business, are about to, or already have one. I was impressed by the speakers that shared their knowledge and experience as well as by the attendees…a handful of go-getters – determined, inspired moms that want not only the best for their families but also are tremendously focused on achieving a successful business and personal development.

Mom to CEO event

In this session at Mom to CEO event, I volunteered to create my vision map, guided by Margalit Ward

I encountered three… yes three other women that had very similar ideas to Collab&Play. Two live here in L.A. and one was from Baltimore. I have to admit, learning this was not a surprise to me, but it was definitely reassuring. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one who is juggling working and being a mom, but this idea also spoke to many other women in the US and in the world!

The more I research workspaces targeting parents, the more I realize how universal the issue is. Europe has already embraced the concept of work-life style. Co-working spaces with (what they call in England) “nurseries” are successful – so much that there are multiple spaces in London being created to satisfy the need. The entrepreneurial hub of Brighton, UK, is also home to another nursery/co-working space.

Here in the United States, we have a few co-working spaces for parents that have been successful. In this article, they share successful spaces, where they are located, and what it takes to build one successfully.


2.  Startup Bootcamp

At Startup Bootcamp, organized by SoGal, there was a huge attendance of a much younger crowd but all together was a super diverse group of people which I loved. The weekend was packed with great workshops such as: “Art of Collaboration: Growing your Business with Partnerships,” “PR for Entrepreneurs,” “From Wonder Woman to Soul Women: Permission to be great”… and so many more. There were so many workshops to choose from. I was able to meet other moms as well, and was so inspired by how driven they were with their own projects. They all had startups just like me and we were able to share our own stories, get feedback and get connected. I look forward to inviting those amazing gals to share their story at Collab&Play. Their knowledge and experience will help inspire other parents to pursue their dreams.

Chat with Sequoia Blodgett, Present like the stars

Connected with some amazing women